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Turkey’s innovative location-based, real-time warehousing platform DepOrtak, while it is enabling end-to-end digital management of all warehousing processes with its technologies,  it is matching those who have warehousing spaces and those who need warehousing on new generation digital platform. DepOrtak provides the work of Airbnb in the accommodation sector to life in the storage sector, digitalizing warehouse management end-to-end in commercial warehouses.​

E-Commerce, showing a remarkable growth process with the effect of the pandemic, reached the 10-year target in just 2 years. As the number of customers and transaction volume increase, it has become extremely vital to be able to deliver the product to the customer during the day and to satisfy the customer with speed and quality. It has become almost impossible to make within day deliveries from the centralised conventional warehouses which are currently in use. Delivering within a few hours and even two hours can only be possible with smart digital platforms that are distributed micro-level within the city, where order trends and stock levels can be analyzed live, and big data can be quickly processed and interpreted. DepOrtak enables hundreds of commercial warehouses and grey warehouses that are digitally connected to each other to be managed, to be shared and integrated into e-commerce with network technologies.​

With Deportak, while you can easily fill the empty and idle spaces in your existing commercial warehouses with the smart matching and reservation system, you can turn the places that you do not actually use as warehouses but that you can use as warehouses (so called Grey Warehouses) by small adjustments. Besides this you can manage the entire warehousing operation by using DepOrtak digital platform and mobile application technologies.​

Likewise, you can find real-time, location-based solutions for your warehousing needs on our website and mobile and you can get the most suitable service for you by customising it.​

More than just a warehouse​

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